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This weekend is the XoXo Promotion weekend | March 3, 2012

Facebook hits of 50,000 friends. If 1% of those friends purchased a book I’d be pleased. If 10% of those friends purchased a book I’d be a best seller. I’m happy when Moving On A Prairie Romance finds readers or readers find Moving On A Prairie Romance. (note to self consider shorter title!)
A friend who lived on the same road as I did many years ago and our children rode their bikes, skateboards, had pretend bands in our garage, read my book. She emailed me and gave me permission to post her remarks.

“I just finished reading your book. WOW that was great. Of course, my friend, I knew you are the best writer ever. The story was great – loved the characters – they felt so real. I was disappointed though that it came to an end. I think you can make a saga!!!

Are some of the characters people you based on from Regina Beach? How long did it take you to write the book. Have you started another one??

I loved how the main character was afraid of dogs since I am too (it is hard for the mind to forget the fright of being bitten by a dog for no reason – makes one really leery – I still am even though it happened when I was young)

Well keep writing Annette – you are truly gifted.

Marilyn ”

Yes, she is a friend and we spent many hours walking the urban streets and drinking coffee so very many years ago. We shared so much but what is truly humbling is that she believed. I have had this support in my life and sometimes it is just too easy to remember when the publishers are sending the manuscript back because it doesn’t fit their story line or it wasn’t quite ready. Thank you Marilyn and all my other supporters who have cheered me on.

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