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Kevin Middleton is my second interviewer | March 3, 2012

The hardworking Ana Torres, media person at XoXo Publishing™ asked Kevin Middleton if I could be a guest on his blog. He answered immediately. He asked insightful questions and posted my answers on:” title=”Kevin Middleton’s interview with Annette Bower “>

When you’re checking out new writers please go to Kevin’s blog and read the other interviews.
And here is an introduction to Kevin copied from him web page.
“Kevin Middleton was born September 28, 1964, in the town of Lindsay, Ontario. An ardent bookworm since childhood, he loves to immerse himself in numinous worlds populated with quests and flights of the imagination. Authors such as J.R.R. Tolkien and David Eddings have long moved him, and it has always been his vision to put pen to paper and give back a little of what he has so long enjoyed.

January 1996 saw the beginnings of the undertaking that would eventually become The Battle of the GateHouse which is the first book of fiction in the collected body of works that makes up the tale of The Last Age. The writer hopes to settle certain aesthetic and moral values which he has long examined through his writings and poetry and it is his aspiration that not only the series tell a good yarn, but within its pages the reader finds new friends with whom they can laugh and cry. Book two – The Hordes of Shashka expands upon the storyline and it all comes to a head in the final narrative titled Children of the Gods.”

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