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Love, Loss and Laughter | February 12, 2012

I was belly laughing and wiping tears from my eyes

  A friend sent me this email about Love, Loss and Other Oddities. She gave me permission to share:

“My husband and I just got back from our holiday.  It
was perfect.  I highly recommend the vacation to all of you.

“Annette, I took the book “Love, Loss and other Oddities – Tales from
Saskatchewan” with me to read. 
I’m so glad you are a terrific and wonderful writer so that I don’t
have to make up something nice to say about your stories:)  I loved
them. (I enjoyed the whole book).
Your first story was sweet.  The two characters reminded me of a
combination of our family members, also of folks I know from work.
Your second story, “Transition Power”, I was sitting on a lounge chair
under a coconut tree on a crowded beach reading it.  At first I
wondered where it was going, then came the dramatic switch.  Well, I
started to laugh and laugh.  I thought, O my goodness, does this
really happen?  Then it got even more hilarious.  I was belly
laughing and wiping tears from my eyes.  Annette, you write as
humourous as you are.  Thanks for the release of endorphins.  I am
wiser for the read.  Great character building too.  Hard to do in
short stories, I can imagine.  But this just attests to your talent as
a writer.  K.”

When I write a story I want to connect with a reader and have them connect with my characters. It is a wonder to me when it happens and even more wonderful when a friend takes the time to share with me. Thank you K.

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