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I was wrong and I am glad | February 2, 2012

Gina Cianfarani of XOXO Publishing™ informed me today that my cover will remain the same. Even though it is electronic publishing it is still expensive and time-consuming to change a cover and besides many readers have told me the cover is beautiful. So why mess with a good thing.

It would be difficult to add Mary Balogh‘s endorsement on the cover to give both the cover and Mary justice.

Perhaps in the future the publisher will add Mary Balogh’s endorsement to the front page, however that isn’t easy either. Books have to be pulled from present sellers and new books issued, which could take up to three weeks. Who knew that virtual books and hard cover books go through similar challenges.

I think I’ll just keep telling people that Mary Balogh wrote:
“I have just been reading Moving On on my Kindle. It’s lovely, Annette–a gentle, feel-good book with a nice variety of individualized characters and a positive over-all message. The familiar setting was a treat too. Congratulations! I would recommend it.”
Publisher, Gina Cianfarani informed me today that XOXO Publishing™ are working hard to have all of their books available for the Kobo reader by the end of March. So Kobo readers get ready.
Nook e readers will have to wait for a while longer.

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